How a Primal Health Coach can help you

What we do at Primal Life Health Coaching

Have you ever wondered how a health coach can help you?

First, we look at your current lifestyle and discuss the goals and desired outcome. From there we take a look at your current habits in regards to diet, exercise, and lifestyle. It is a vital step to identify the current speed bumps and potential roadblocks on your way to your goals. At this stage, we can determine the food items and behaviors in your life that would keep you from reaching your goals and address them.  We provide you with all the information and motivation needed to avoid these detrimental foods/habits and provide you with healthy substitutes.

Weekly meetings via phone or in person serve as progress assessments. Based on the progress we determine if you need more coaching on the topics covered or if you are ready to move to the next level. These steps repeat until all topics and aspects of a healthy lifestyle are covered, and adopted. Imagine the moment you graduate from our coaching with a new level of understanding why you choose certain foods at certain times and how you tailor your day to sync up with your goals.

We educate, motivate and facilitate permanent lifestyle change to promote health, fitness and longevity.

Survive to Thrive at Primal Life!