Meet The Founder, Brody

Primal Life was created on Brody’s behalf as a legacy to teach humans how to adopt a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for both human and pets.


Unfortunately, Brody developed many health issues early in life, from toxicity issues to dental problems, which we implemented dietary changes to improve the  quality of his life. Through much exploration, we were able to avoid chemotherapy and keep him as comfortable as possible.  He lived longer than estimated by his dogtor, but sadly, the cancer won in the end. Brody was loved by all and made everyone laugh. His snaggle-tooth is unforgettable. And now we strive to help others to improve their health, as well as your pet’s health.
We developed a passion to guide others in reaching and maintaining their health and fitness goals, while improving the overall quality of life. Your health coach will analyze your current diet and lifestyle assess your personal goals and develop a personalized plan tailored to help you reach your goal.

Primal Mel

Wife, Mother, MiMi, and Certified Integrative Health Coach. Brody became ill in 2017 after many vet visits, we received the dreadful news that he had cancer. We spent countless hours researching the disease and what we could do to turn his bleak outlook around. Through much exploration, we were able to avoid chemotherapy and provide him with a better quality of life. He lived longer than estimated by his dogtor, but sadly, the cancer won in the end. Brody was loved by all and made everyone laugh. His snaggle tooth is unforgettable.

He taught us the significance of eating clean and eliminating toxins that we typically ingest every day, without even thinking about it.

At 40 years old I was quite overweight, low on energy, and stuck on a perpetual blood sugar roller coaster. I began exploring options to reclaim my life. I started by eliminating toxins from my body and removing offensive foods from my diet. I also added physical activities to get away from the sedentary lifestyle that had become the norm. A big victory of mine was quitting smoking, something I vowed to never let my grandchildren see me model.

All because of my new lifestyle I’ve lost approximately 60 lbs. More than just weight loss, I’ve become more energetic, balanced, confident, and educated. Knowing what to nourish the body with and what to avoid, I now have the inspiration to help motivate others to eat healthy foods and most importantly convince my daughters to maintain a healthy life for themselves and their children. I look forward to walking with you through your own journey towards a better you!

Primal Rob

Husband, Certified Integrative Health Coach, avid mountain biker, out to save the human and the pet’s health. After several life changing events, our dog having lost his battle to cancer and a family history of heart attacks and strokes, Rob goes Primal!  These events shaped him and taught him to rethink conventional wisdom.
During each event, he studied the causes, the potential for prevention,and the lifestyle factors potentially associated. And that’s when we began our primal life journey. Rob’s weight went down 60 lbs., his markers improved dramatically and the annoying heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms began to disappear.
His physical and cognitive performance improved to the point where he was able to run a Ragnar trail event, earn a black belt in Krav Maga and race his mountain bike in the SoCal Enduro Series.

He felt great and still does. He feels like he got his life back and had a chance to rewind the clock.
Applying the new found knowledge and earning a Certification as an Integrative Health Coach was a logical step. Now he teaches others how to take the same steps to reclaim their life to become health, including the health of their pets too, as  Brody, the founder, would have wanted him to.

Meal Plan

Get the information and motivation needed to avoid detrimental foods/habits and provide healthy substitutes. 

Kitchen Hacks

We demonstrate in house cooking classes to show you how easy eating healthy can be and provide details on our favorite kitchen utensils.


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Our Approach

At Primal Life, our approach is not just another diet plan. We identify the key factors in your life that keep you from reaching your goals, providing a blueprint to a healthy life. Learn how to make permanent lifestyle changes that will set the stage for successful weight loss, exceed your fitness goals and increase mental and physical performance.

We believe living a healthy life requires a holistic approach that includes all 24 hours of your day, not just the hour in the gym. While physical fitness is an important component of your overall health profile, nutrition affects your entire body, not just targeted muscle groups. During your introductory call, we will discover your overall health profile and determine what modifications should be made. We concentrate on assessing your current fitness levels and facilitate a program for your personal fitness goals, shaping your environment and daily habits to reach your goals of health, wellness and weight loss. As well as improved cognitive and physical performance. This includes diet counseling, grocery shopping guides, meal plans, structuring your work and sleep environment, exercise plan, clothing advice and information to reduce chemical ingestion. With our full coaching package, you will have access to critical resources, including the support and accountability during each step of your journey. Set up a free discovery call and thrive.

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Customer Review

Ashley C.

"Robert and Melinda taught me great tools to kickstart my journey to better health. As a carb addict, I really needed the support of a health coach and that is what I got. I greatly appreciate all the knowledge they have passed on to me and are always available to answer questions"

Nikki O.

"It was an incredible experience for me. The knowledge provided was very helpful and has improved my life. Thank you for your help and guidance"