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What our clients say…
"I not only see the change but I feel the change.”
"What a joy it was to work with Primal Life Temecula. I was given tools & motivation to kick start my life change. I am 10 lbs down in just 6 weeks. I am exercising & have a clean gut, refrigerator and cupboards. Thank you for your patience and details in explaining the reasons behind transforming the ingredients in my diet."
"Opened our eyes to the poison we were feeding our bodies. Our journey was kick started by them and we continue to feel better with excitement everyday."
"Great information helped improve my life!”
"After talking with my health coach, I felt as though my perspective on health was completely transformed. I was able to gain real insight on what is means to be truthfully healthy. It is powerfully moving the passion you can hear/feel when both coaches discuss the importance of the right food intake. Their perspective on what to eat and how to place the right things in front of you is so refreshing. I am always filled with hope and motivation after every session with them.. overcoming new obstacles the more I push in my journey with my own health."
"Highly Recommend!”
"I recommend Primal Life, they are terrific! Very knowledgeable and a great example with their own incredible transformations. I followed their plan to lose some extra weight and get in better shape. I feel healthier and more energized and was able to shed some pounds too!"

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Health Coaching Packages

Sugar Detox

Learn the techniques to kick the habit and break through your sugar addiction. Restore Insulin sensitivity.

6 Month Primal Package

Improve your relationship with food and nourish your body without burdening it. Along with personal fitness guidance, accountability, support and motivation.

12 Week Program

Defeat cravings and lose weight with on-demand health coaching sessions. Plus primal recipes, shopping guides and more.

9 Month Premium Primal Package

Learn to thrive, improve physical and cognitive performance, with an On Demand Coach, Diet plan Fueling strategy, Training Guidance and Recovery techniques.


Integrative health coaching sessions are available in person, telephone or video chat. 

All primal packages are customized to your individual challenges and goals.  includes the following:

  • Pantry purge
  • Weekly one-on-one sessions
  • Asses lifestyle factors
  • On demand coach
  • Weekly progress reviews
  • Personalized shopping guide
  • Fitness training guidance and recovery techniques
  • Accountability support and motivation 
Every journey begins with a first step, take yours to a healthy life.

Mel lost more than 70 lbs living a primal lifestyle, nourishing her self with whole foods while enhancing physical and cognitive performance.

Rob lost more than 65 lbs living primal lifestyle, eating healthy and enhanced physical and cognitive performance.


How a health coach can help

The best way to experience great health is to take advantage of the knowledge, training and experience of certified health coaches who can guide you through the mysteries and perils of the current Standard American Diet (SAD).

Our unique expertise…

Primal Recipes

We provide our clients with the information and motivation needed to achieve individual goals and avoid the detrimental food habits and provide you with healthy substitutes.

Kitchen Hacks

Learn the way around the kitchen. We demonstrate in house cooking classes to show you how easy eating healthy can be and provide details on our favorite kitchen utensils.

Shopping Guide

We provide our clients with the knowledge to facilitate permanent change in their lifestyle to promote health, fitness and longevity.

Thrive with Primal Life!