The She Shed

We’ve all heard of the “Man Cave” but have you heard of the “She Shed”? Yep, Men have their own man-caves and now women are getting their own special place, called the She-sheds! It’s pretty much a female-centric alternative version to the traditional Man-Cave. Basically, a place for a woman to call her own, read, relax or garden.

My primal instinct is to be outdoors, breathing fresh air, barefoot and grounding, enjoying nature’s simple pleasures. So… I recently created my own she-cave, a cozy little space, to escape, meditate, read or contemplate on the lawn furniture, nestled under a rose arbor in a cool quiet area of the courtyard, the perfect spot for a morning cup of coffee, tea or an afternoon nap.

I believe every woman should have their own peaceful sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a long day—a mini library, a yoga studio, a sewing room, or in my case, my courtyard transformed into a comfy garden cave sanctuary.

Eat, Sleep, Live Primally!