Red Light Therapy

As we age, wrinkles and age spots sneak up on us and who likes wrinkles?

Up until about a year ago, a friend, who happens to be a Medical Aesthetician, recommended using infrared light therapy in an effort to help treat wrinkles and improve the overall skin health.  I’m also loving it for its collagen boosting benefits and have had amazing results from using it just a few minutes a day. Follow the directions that come with your device and resist the urge to over do it. My husband is also using the red light to improve circulation and speed up tissue and wound healing from a recent surgery. His hand is healing quicker than expected.

The benefits of Red Light Therapy include:

  • Helps rejuvenate facial skin and smooths skin tone.
  • Helps to repair sun damage.
  • Red light activates the lymphatic system for potentially improved detoxification.
  • Decreases inflammation in the skin.
  • Helps fade scars and stretch marks.
  • Improves hair growth to reverse balding.
  • Stimulates slow healing wounds.
  • Beneficial for skin to reduce eczema, rosacea and acne.
I’ve found that it is more convenient (and likely much cheaper) to get the benefits of red light therapy at home. As there are a plethora of home devices for sale from a variety of manufacturers. The lamp that I settled for is durable and portable, It works great! check it out here If you are considering purchasing an infrared lamp, I highly recommend the one listed below, as it has excellent reviews  and we have been extremely satisfied with it. If you decide to purchase this particular lamp, please use the link provided as it allows me to earn a small percentage of the purchase, for my testing and time spent writing this blog. Please follow product description for usage and safety precautions. Happy Heating and Healing!